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Kenzie Rummel

Strong Actress

Great with challenging material!

Danny Ruiz

Natural Comedian

Great attitude & easy to work with!

Marissa Grace

Experienced Talent 

Professional singer/songwriter/musician!

Sofia Kaempfe

Small & Mighty

A talented young lady who takes direction well!

Tommy Ragen

Old Soul

Incredible guitarist/ singer/songwriter and  amazing young actor!

Sophia Machado

Cute & Spunky

Outgoing, fun to work with - a SPITFIRE!

Glory Rose

Pure Joy

A born performer who works very hard!

Anna Rose

Phenomenal Actress

Can handle difficult material as well as comedy!

Charity Rose


Young actress with great instincts!



Great attitude, professional, and experienced!

HayRae Rummel


Sassy and adorable!

Timothy Scott


Amazing legit tenor voice, honest actor, UCB trained!

Fargo Kopsho

Extremely Expressive

Great with comedy and physicality!

Mia Ferjulian

Sweet As Pie

Set experience & can use walker or wheel chair!

Emma Ragen

Triple Threat

Awesome and eager actress, singer, & dancer!

Taylor Ragen


Smart young actor, cool scratchy voice - can sing and play sports too!

Rose Barta

Native Mandarin Speaker

Easy to to work with, good expression!

Dominiq James


Great smile, range of emotions, and definitely not shy!

Kelsey Fowler

Broadway Baby

Powerful voice, grounded actress, bi-coastal!

Mannix the Dog

Wonderful Demeanor

Trained dog, easy going, experienced on set!

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Marissa Grace's Music Demo

Kelsey Fowler Singing

Tommy Ragen Music Demo

Kenzie Rummel's Reel

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